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App Features

Choreography Practice

Use our AI analysis to find out problems in your team within 1 minute

Learn from Everyone

Learn from every dancers involved in the community

Connect to Dancers

Connect to teachers or peers through us

Show Your Moves

Video your moves and show everybody! Maybe you'll become the next star

Compete on Accuracy

Let's see who is the most accurate dancer in the world


Enjoy the feature and the community!

AI-powered Dance Teacher

Using the newest artificial intelligence technology, Dance Clout offers you a solution for finding mistakes in team choreography practice

  • 1. Record your team's practice, individual practice videos or team practice videos are both acceptable
  • 2. Select the "standard" choreography and upload all the videos to our platform
  • 3. Analyze...
  • 4. See the result and IMPROVE!

For any additional usage problems, please contact for help

Dancers' Accuracy Ranking

Competition for dancing teams or individuals to participate

Every dancers in the world probably want to know about how their skills rank, and by skills we mean how accurate a dancer could be. Given a choreography, how similar could you dance imitating the choreography?

We will soon be launching the very first dancing competition that is judged by artificial intelligence. Interested in participating? Join our Newsletter and we'll notify you when it happens!



Imagine a platform where you can find teachers to learn from, peers to practice with, and stay aware of dancers nearby, wouldn't it be great? Together with the dancing community, we all can learn faster and firmer, and EXPAND THIS CULTURE TO EVERYBODY!

We will soon be launching the community feature. Interested in participating? Join our Newsletter and we'll notify you when it happens!

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